Cllr Giuseppe Fraschini (Taunton North)


New Road Safety Measures

Nerrols School is to get new road safety measures, after concerns were raised about cars speeding past its gates. Staff and parents at the primary school, which opened in September 2019, spoke to a local councillor after several incidents of drivers driving too fast along Nerrols Drive.

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Cllr James Hunt (Upper Tone)

In 2013 James was also successful in becoming a Somerset County Councillor in the Upper Tone Division and retained his seat in 2017 when the electorate showed increased confidence in their councillor.

Cllr David Fothergill (Monkton and North Curry)

David Fothergill is County Councillor for Monkton and North Curry Division and is also Leader of Somerset County Council. He has also served as Chairman of the County Council and as Cabinet Member with responsibility for Highways and Transport.