Cllr Rod Williams (SCC)

Rod Williams is the Somerset County Councillor for Rowbarton and Staplegrove Division.   

After reading history at Exeter University, Rod served as a regimental officer in The Light Infantry and staff officer in the Ministry of Defence.  In 2002, Rod retired from the Army as a programme management specialist.  Initially, he worked for the MoD as a consultant in strategic planning and risk management at the new Defence Academy of the UK, where he worked for senior civil servants, Admirals, Generals and Air Marshals.   

After the Defence Academy, Rod used his programme management expertise as an interim manager in business, helping organisations introduce transformational change while maintaining current operations.  He worked for NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and partnerships of NHS and local government organisations.  He is a Director of an IT company.

Rod is also Chair of the Somerset Armed Forces Covenant Partnership, Vice Chair of the Adults and Health Scrutiny Committee, and a Governor of Musgrove Park Hospital.  He believes good strategic planning and implementation can make Somerset a still better place to live but local government needs to adapt, being and doing new things.  While trying to influence Somerset’s future, Rod works to look after Rowbarton and Staplegrove residents. 

Contact Rod:  

T:  01823 433431