Cllr Norman Cavill (West Monkton & Cheddon Fitzpaine)

Norman Cavill was born at Monkton Heathfield, attending local schools before studying at Leeds.

He is married to Tricia and farms in the parish with his son Mark. Norman has represented West Monkton Ward for 36 years, has served in many positions within TDBC and is currently the representative for the Garden Town Cultural Group. As Mayor in 1991/2 he helped plan the Green Wedge between Cheddon and Monkton Heathfield and is now involved with the delivery of the County Park and Somerset Wood.

During the last four years he has been helping residents in the Monkton Heathfield development to make a place where the whole community can work and grow together.

He has been involved with the delivery of the new community hall, use of funds to assist the Village Hall and local clubs, and working with Persimmon to ensure delivery of finished infrastructure.

See Also

Cllr Roger Habgood (Monument)

Roger has been serving the community both as an elected Councillor and as a volunteer since the 19080’s. He has been a council leader elsewhere and since returning to his native Somerset has applied his experience in leadership roles here as well.

Cllr Vivienne Stock-Williams (Wellington South)

Vivienne worked professionally in both medical and business research before moving to the South West with her husband and son in 1999. Since then, she has worked in the voluntary and business sectors, becoming Town Councillor for Wellington West in 2003 and Town Mayor 2012-13.