Cllr John Gage (TDBC)

John has lived in Taunton all his life, attending Heathfield Community School and Somerset College of Art and Technology.
He has made Taunton his life long home, and hugely passionate about the town. With its wealth of history and firm standing as the capital of Somerset.

John works for a successful independent company as a logistics manager and surveyor - customer focused, with a knowledgeable business mind, pairing his full time commitments and the duties within the council seamlessly.

John worked pro-actively towards his elected position within Taunton Dean Borough Council, to which he has been a local councillor since 2015. Standing on various committees, making some important decisions in the housing and redevelopment of Taunton. He also ensures the residents within his own ward who have issues are listened to and actively assessed to remedy them.

John has a ‘can’ and ‘will do’ approach, with his vision to ensure Taunton maintains a formidable strong hold in Somerset in terms of new business stability, positive community involvement and activity, sustainable economic growth, and the infrastructure of the town remains prosperous.

John was chosen to represent Taunton Deane as Deputy Mayor in 2018. A prestigious role, assisting Mayor Catherine Herbert in a positive capacity.